by Flowershop

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This album was 2 years a comin', Huge appreciation to my bandmates Nathan Saldana and Mark Perez, they make flowershop possible. A bigger thanks to my friend Kram for making this Album possible, this is our accomplishment bud, love you.


released February 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Flowershop San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: FlowerShop
Hey boy you got yourself a new girl
And I know you wanna make her your world,
you gotta stop at the Flowershop

And I know that she want you too,
But you dont know what else to do,
when shes mad you gotta give it all you got!


Hey boy mamas gettting worried,
and she needs you to really hurry
go get her love at the flowershop

I know you dont wanna be
the only one who sees
how great it is at the FlowerShop...
Track Name: Again
And I was the one who said that I will never feel this way,
you were the one who proved me wrong,
You were the one to say you'll never be okay,
I was the one to prove you wrong, again,

I was the one who said I'll never leave my bed,
You were the one who got me up,
But I was the one who said I'll never let you in my head,
You were the one who forced yourself into my life, again.
Track Name: Alaina
I dont know where it is that I'll end up,
But hopefully its somewhere with you love,
I dont know how were gonna figure out this part.

Alaina you merely turned 18,
the year where you start to hate on everything
and started to wonder whos really there for you now

But weren't you the one who wanted to know,
weren't you the one who wanted to Go.
Track Name: Sane
People told me that I should make my,
own sound in this place but i dont think that,
there is a place left in the world,
cause we got crazy people here.

And I didnt think that you knew what you were,
talking about when you said we could,
make it places no one else has,
cause maybe this world is full.

How do I know that I'm sane?

And I didnt think i would get this far so,
I dont have much to say for myself,
if its okay I'll leave my mind here,
out of respect for you.

And this is the part where I start to cry,
or maybe just put on another disguise,
converations with myself seem bleak,
but it all just keeps me in scene...

How do I know that I'm sane?...
Track Name: I Already Know
And I know that were leaving tomorrow
But I still need more money to borrow
Cause I didn't put any hours in
I was busy living like I'm already dead

And I already know
That you don't wanna go
So just top saying no
Cause I already know

And I know school sucks cause you gotta go
But I'm already feeling old
I've got two years without listening
to any adult or giving a shit!

And I already know
That you don't wanna go
So just top saying no
Cause I already know...